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Data Codebook

Table of Contents

  1. Taxonomic Groups

  2. In this section, information about the ecology, behavior, and conservation status of all the species represented in the database can be found.

  3. Sites

  4. Contact information for each of the contributing institutions including a link to the website can be found here.

  5. Measurements

    All of the measurements in the database including the definition, description, clinical application, and units are listed here.

    NOTE: The data collected is presumed to be from healthy animals, although incidences of clinical and subclinical data may be included but not noted in the records.

    1. Hematology
    2. Chemistry Analyte
    3. Miscellaneous

  6. Site Conditions

  7. Information about the methods of anesthesia used at each site, the method/machine used for the analysis of blood chemistry and hematology panels, housing conditions, and animal diet can be found.