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Taxonomic Groups

Macaca nemestrina
pigtail macaque

Sites contributing data:
Yerkes NPRC
Washington NPRC

More information about Macaca nemestrina:
Primate Info Net Factsheet

4 related papers

  1. Bowden DM, Short R, Williams DD.
    Constructing an instrument to measure the rate of aging in female pigtailed macaques (Macaca nemestrina)
    J Gerontol. 45 (2) : B59-66. 1990 Mar.
    PubMed ID 2313041
  2. Short R, Williams DD, Bowden DM.
    Cross-Sectional evaluation of potential biological markers of aging in pigtailed macaques: effects of age, sex, and diet
    J Gerontol. 42 (6) : 644-54. 1987 Nov.
    PubMed ID 3500199
  3. Short R, Williams DD, Bowden DM.
    Circulating antioxidants as determinants of the rate of biological aging in pigtailed macaques
    J Gerontol. 52 (1) : B26-38. 1997 Jan.
    PubMed ID 9008655
  4. Williams DD, Short R, Bowden DM.
    Fingernail growth rate as a biomarker of aging in the pigtailed macaque
    Exp Gerontol. 25 (5) : 423-32. 1990.
    PubMed ID 2257889

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