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Data Codebook

Site Conditions

Site Housing
Alamogordo Priamte Facility Indoor, outdoor, social
California NPRC Indoor, outdoor, social, individual
National Institute on Aging Animal Health Center at Poolesville Indoor, social, individual (rhesus)
indoor, paired-day, individual-night (squirrel)
New England PRC Indoor, social
Oregon NPRC Indoor, social, individual
Smithsonian National Zoological Park Indoor, outdoor, social (as individual species' natural history requires)
Tulane NPRC Outdoor, social
University of Illinois-Chicago Indoor, females- mesh paired, males- individual
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Outdoor, social when possible
Washington NPRC Indoor, group
Wisconsin NPRC Indoor, individual and mixed, social when possible
Yerkes NPRC Indoor, outdoor, social when possible

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