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Taxonomic Groups

Callithrix jacchus
common marmoset

Sites contributing data:
New England PRC
Wisconsin NPRC

More information about Callithrix jacchus:
Primate Info Net Factsheet

3 related papers

  1. Davy CW, Jackson MR, Walker J.
    Reference intervals for some clinical chemical parameters in the marmoset: effect of age and sex
    Lab Anim. 18 (2) : 135-42. 1984 Apr.
    PubMed ID 6431185
  2. Yarbough LW, Tollett JL, Montrey RD, Beattie RJ.
    Serum biochemical, hematological and body measurement data for common marmosets
    Lab Anim Sci. 34 (3) : 276-80. 1984 Jun.
    PubMed ID 6431192
  3. McIntosh GH, Lawson CA, Rodgers SE, Lloyd JV.
    Haematological characteristics of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus jacchus)
    Res Vet Sci. 38(1):109-14. 1985 Jan.
    PubMed ID 3919433

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