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Taxonomic Groups

Pan troglodytes

Sites contributing data:
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Yerkes NPRC

More information about Pan troglodytes:
Primate Info Net Factsheet

4 related papers

  1. Herndon JG, Tigges J.
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  2. Stone GA, Johnson BK, Druilhet R, Garza PB, Gibbs CJ Jr..
    Immunophenotyping of peripheral blood, ranges of serum chemistries and clinical hematology values of healthy chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes).
    J Med Primatol. 29 (5) : 324-9. 2000 Oct.
    PubMed ID 11168822
  3. Howell S, Hoffman K, Bartel L, Schwandt M, Morris J, Fritz J.
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  4. Videan EN, Fritz J, Murphy J.
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