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Data Codebook

Site Conditions

Site Blood Chemistries
Alamogordo Primate Facility Nmsu PRI Clinical Services, 1987-1993
White Sands Clinical Laboratory, 1993-2000
Antech Diagnostic, APF lab, 2000-2004
Abaxis VS2 Comprehensive Diagnostic Profile, after 2004
California NPRC Hitachi
National Institute on Aging Animal Health Center at Poolesville Hitachi 747-200 or Hitachi 717
New England PRC Sent to Tufts Diagnostics Lab (Indexx)
Oregon NPRC 1979-1987: Technicon SMAC
1987-1995: Hitachi 736
1995-2000: Olympus 5231
Smithsonian National Zoological Park not available
Tulane NPRC No chemistries performed
University of Illinois-Chicago April 2003 and before: Hitachi 704
After April 2003: Hitachi 912
University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center COBAS MIRA & Chemistry Analyzer
Washington NPRC Serum was separated and frozen at the Primate Field Station, Medical Lake, WA, then shipped on dry ice to the Dept. of Laboratory Medicine at the University of Washington. Beckman Instruments (Fullerton, CA) model Astra-8 multichannel automated clinical chemistry analyzer
Wisconsin NPRC Coulter MaxM
Yerkes NPRC Commerical lab (Smithkline Beechem, Decatur, GA)

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